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Window & door systems with thermal insulation TM 77HI

TM 77HI system is a safe and innovative solution that provides excellent parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation, safety, and protection against wind and water.


The separators between aluminium profiles ensure great thermal insulation properties.
Dedicated thermal insulators act as thermal insulation, in combination with infill of high thermal insulation properties.

Advantages of the system

  • possibility of heating costs reduction,
  • possibility of creating large-surface constructions with modern arrangement of facades and interiors,
  • easy to match with fittings elements and control elements,
  • possibility of creating modern constructions of various shapes and configurations,
  • possibility of achieving heat transfer factor as good as Uf=0,8 -1,5 W/m2K thanks to using unique thermal insulation solutions,
  • possibility of making balcony door with low threshold,
  • possibility of combination with other Yawal systems.

TM 77HI windows TM 77HI doors
Air permeability
class 4 acc. to PN 12207 class 4 acc. to PN 12207
Water tightness
E1650 acc. to PN-EN 12208 E900 acc. to PN-EN 12208
Heat transfer coefficient
Uf = 0,8÷1,4 W/m2K
acc. to PN-EN ISO 10077-2
Uf = 0,9÷1,5 W/m2K
acc. to PN-EN ISO 10077-2
Acoustic insulation 39-48 dB acc. to PN-EN ISO 140-3 36-45 dB acc. to PN-EN ISO 140-3
Anti-theft protection
RC2, RC3, RC4 RC2, RC3

Window structural depth
Frame profile
77 mm
Sash profile
86,4 mm
Door structural depth
Frame profile
77 mm
Sash profile
77 mm
Glass pane thickness for windows
Frame profile
19÷61 mm
Sash profile
28÷67 mm

Examples of system usage TM 77HI


Location: Poznań
Project: MVRDV, NO Natkaniec Olechnicki Architekci
Aluminium manufacturer: Alglob Poznań sp. z o.o.

Apartment Residential Estate - Quarta

Location: Warszawa
Project: 77 Studio Architektury Paweł Naduk
Aluminium manufacturer: ROBDAR S.C. Dariusz i Robert Paduch

Eva Park Life & Spa

Location: Konstancin
Project: Open Architekci
Aluminium manufacturer: ROBDAR s.c. Dariusz i Robert Paduch

M. Romeris University Building

Location: Wilno
Project: I. Gudavicius
Aluminium manufacturer: UAB „Stikmeta“

Corner House

Location: Warszawa
Project: Biuro Projektów Kazimierski i Ryba Sp. J., Warszawa
Aluminium manufacturer: Buma Factory, Kraków

Carpathia Office House

Location: Warszawa
Project: Ovotz Design Lab, Kraków
Aluminium manufacturer: Aluss, Białystok