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Yawal Architectural Systems

Yawal is one of the premier suppliers of architectural systems and aluminum profiles in Canada. Our wide range and over 25 years of operational experience help to solidify this position.
Whether you need windows, doors, curtain-walls, winter gardens, partition walls, skylights, railings, skylights, sunshades, or unique solar solutions, you can rest assured that you are getting the most environmentally responsible, most efficient and energy saving products on the planet! Our products can be used in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings.

Our Mission

By providing the highest quality of products in the world, we aim to progress the beauty of buildings while providing a benefit to the environment and our planet

Our Values

Innovation, Environmental Engagement,
Progress, Honesty.

General information

Yawal S.A. is one of the leading suppliers of architectonical systems of aluminium profiles in Poland. It owns this position due to the rich experience from over 25 years of its existence, as well as a wide range of innovative solutions. Systems of the company are environmentally friendly, energy saving structures intended for construction of windows, door, facades, curtain walls, and partition walls, winter gardens, skylights, balustrades, and sun shades. Requirements for contemporary architecture are changing very quickly, that is why in addition to standard range of aluminium profiles in the company’s catalogue, Yawal S.A. also offers the possibility to create customized unique construction solutions intended for implementation in commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and residential buildings. Systems of the company are present in markets of the whole Europe. At present, partners and clients of Yawal S.A. include several hundred domestic and foreign entities. The main seat of the company along with manufacturing halls is located in Herby, near Częstochowa.

The quality of our product is ensured by the high class team of specialists that surround the company. We are constantly modernizing our procedures and are able to ensure professional service because of:

  • 3 profile manufacturing lines
  • one of the largest anodizing plants in Europe
  • a high capacity storage warehouse
  • a fully automated vertical powder paint shop

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Support for professionals

  • Technical advice
  • Varnishing and anodising services
  • Prefabrication

Our goal is to sell products, but we’re also able to offer a wide range of technical support to our partners so that they are able to overcome any challenge. We are happy to prepare calculations, estimates, structural analysis and technical drawings on request! We understand that cooperating with architects and designers is conducive to creating unique, beautiful, and high quality constructions. Our technical department will always help assist clients in finding the best products for their specific project.

Yawal has one of the largest anodising plants in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as a fully automated powder painting shop that includes a varnishing line with vertical suspension and a profile transport system.

We offer precision cutting, angle cutting, and short-length cutting, while our presses enable the punching of holes and shapes. This allows us to create innovative architectural systems to suit our clients needs.